Google launches encrypted search

Encrypted Google Google has launched a new beta service last week called Encrypted Google Search using SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) in an attempt to protect the search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party. SSL facilitates secure Internet communications for services like browsing, instant messaging, and other data transfers from getting snooped or sniffed.

The use of “https” in the URL sets up an encrypted pipe between your Web browser and Google so that any search traffic is kept private between you and Google. Also Google’s encrypted search does not store any information locally, so there is no risk of someone stumbling onto it later making the browsing more safer than ever. This is similar to the InPrivate Browsing mode in Internet Explorer 8, which protects the entire browsing session by not saving Web history, cookies, temporary Internet files, or other data. However, it doesn’t protect the data as it is crossing the Internet. Using Google’s encrypted search with InPrivate Browsing mode in Internet Explorer 8 makes your search much safer. Also the release of Google Encrypted Search has gained immense popularity among students, employees to get around content blocking filters though Google has made the URL ( more content-blocker friendly.

  • Tandblekning

    I’ve seen this, and then go back straight to ‘classic’. I hope that they could efficiently protect users.:) Let’s see.

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    nice blog.i already use Google search bar its fantastic.its done a great job.