ICICI Bank phishing scam hits again

icici phishing Phishing is nothing but a technique used to commit online fraud to steal personal and confidential information (Identity Theft) which includes credit card number, bank details including password and account information, passport information etc. ICICI bank which is one of the most leading banks in India is being targeted more often than any other in the country. Today I too received an email which is part of the phishing scam and liked to share it with you guys.

icici phishing mail

I received a mail with the subject “ICICI Bank Alert: Please Re-Confirm Your Internet Banking Details” with the links to the phishing or the fake ICICI site which looks similar to the ICICI login page. I clicked the link which was directed to the fake ICICI site where I was asked to input all personal information including my account password, card number, security code in the card to passport information. Please see the pictures below,

icici phishing info


icici phishing scam icici phishing message

How to identify phishing scams?

  • All mails that asks your password and other credentials are fake and no bank will send you a mail like that.
  • The link you click from your mail will be re-directed to a different URL which looks completely different from the bank.
  • The page URL will not have https:// and will be using http:// where HTTPS is secured browsing with the VeriSign certificate. Also you cannot find the padlock symbol at the right corner bottom of your browser which indicates the site you are browsing is a secured website.

Please don’t forget to report such mails to the bank.To know more about Phishing please read the information provided by ICICI Safe banking