Online sql query execution with SQLzoo

sqlzoo In Software Development we can find lot of programmers end with issues like, a sql query written specific to a particular database. Some end up with encountering this problem only at production and may face up difficulties in the last minute. In any application it is generally a good practice to write sql queries based on ANSI standards.


ANSI SQL will avoid problems when you port your applications to a different database. Read more about ANSI SQL here. How about if you get a online tool where you execute queries specific to a particular database which you don’t have the software locally? Good doesn’t it? Yep, today we are going to see one such nice web application called SQLzoo.


SQLzoo is a very good free online playground to learn and practice SQL (Structured Query Language) effectively with respect to wide range of databases including popular ones like Oracle DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server. Read more about SQLzoo here.


It offers wide range of services like SQL Injection check against a test system to improve your hacking skills. If you ask me personally I personally rate this site very high which will definitely help the users with a good learning curve. Just try it and spread the word too.


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    i have a windows7 ultimateversion platform and it is not accepting oracle9i.please suggest me an idea if any to my id.

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    Oracle 9i n Oracle 10g have still not come up with the updated patches/drivers for Windows 7. Try running the installer using, runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
    and see whether you can run it…

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    this kind of sql injection is quite off the books it really doesnt work.there has to be other way round to decode the special characters which cant be done using normal sql queries.while may be disigning a function may retrieve the username ,specifically for passwords criterias must be different

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