Why do you need a domain name for a blog?

Domain NameOne of my friend asked me this question days back and I happened to see some similar questions floating around in some of the forums today. So I thought of penning it down today. We might have seen lot of blogs hosted with blogger, wordpress, typepad etc without having a domain name. It seems to be fine just for a startup, but for a long run and for blokes who want to make some money out of it, definitely this is not going to be the right choice. For me naming a blog and branding the same with a domain name is the first and foremost thing. I have got few reasons to substantiate the same.

Building a brand

A good domain name definitely will attract people online and also by word of mouth. Especially people who want to make some online bucks using affiliate links will definitely need a domain dame. Nobody is gonna remember the URL unless one has a domain name. Even if its a technology blog or personal blog for long run and building a brand needs domain name. If you don’t have one go and get it now!

Building Trust

Building a brand is nothing but building a trust among readers or you call them as customers for a product site. It gives you an identity among the millions of blogs and bloggers who exists in the wired network around you. If you are dealing with products or affiliate marketing it is inevitable to get a good domain name that is related to the blogs content or the products you deal with the blog. Nobody is gonna trust you when you do a product review or affiliate marketing when your URL look weird as a sub-domain.

To retain readers or customers

If don’t have a domain name it means you are bound to the blogging platform and brand-building is comparatively difficult. If you change the blogging platform looking for more options then you will end up losing up all the hard earned Page Ranks, Readers or customers etc. If you have a domain name things are going to be easy as you move on.

Want to get a domain name now? Read this article to find how to choose a domain name from problogger. So what you are waiting for now ?

  • http://www.getitfresh.blogspot.com cathy

    hi, i love your article and it really just encourage me to buy my own domain, however i dont have much knowledge on tha…
    i would like to ask help where i can buy my own domain
    thank u and best regards

  • 0xff

    Thanks for your comments cathy. Yes it is good to get your own domain, You can buy domains at bluehost, dreamhost etc. Write to me if you need any help.

  • Anil Sharma

    Not only a domain name, you can host your blog on a separate host too.. comparatively better than Blogger or wordpress or any other blogging platform. B2Evolution is pretty much a revolution :P