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Find out what the internet thinks about everything

Have you ever wondered what the internet thinks about things that we do or care about ? I know few commercial websites like Sentiment140, Skyttle, Chatterbox  deal with twitter sentiments to monitor brand, sales and promotional campaigns but WhatDoesTheInternetThink is a global inquiry tool that evaluates and find the positivity or negativity of what

How to find whether a string is base64 encoded or not

Base64 encoding is a simple algorithm to translate text and binary streams into ASCII string format to be consumed by various programs as well as transmitted over the network.  Base64 is not an encryption technique rather its just a way to represent binary data in to string format. A typical base64 encoded string will

How to find slow performing queries in mongodb

Slow queries are always an issue irrespective of whether the database is relational or non-relational databases like mongoDB, couchdb etc. Slow queries can easily be detected and fixed by profiling the database queries. The database profiler collects all the necessary data about the read/write operations, cursors running on your database instance and mongodb is

How to retrieve a random document from a mongodb collection

Recently I have encountered a scenario in my project to find a random record from a mongodb collection in my database.  Since mongodb is not a traditional RDBMS we cannot do a retrieval by doing “ORDER BY RAND()” which I used to do it in MYSQL. You can achieve the same by doing a

Record your screencast directly into an animated GIF

One might have come across lot of websites posting screen grab videos as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) in their blogs, websites etc. This method of embedding pictures to the blog posts has its own advantage as well as disadvantage. I would like to list down few advantages just to support the topic i chose